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I originally came to Dr Wheeler for ear lobe repair. He did such a fantastic job that when my dentist told me I needed a wisdom tooth removed I decided to go back to him. During a follow up appointment for my ears I mentioned my upcoming consult for my tooth and he mentioned he hated wasting a patient’s time and he’d look right then. As a mom of 4, one being a needy 2 month old, this was so very appreciated. I explained I was apprehensive and nervous about x rays because dentists have always been very hard on me and I’m prone to cavities. Dr Wheeler immediately made me feel comfortable and said there was absolutely nothing to worry about and went over my x rays with me. I was able to schedule my extraction for the day I was originally going to have my consult. The day of the extraction I was terrified. After being numbed he said I’d feel some pressure and within what felt like 20 seconds he said it was out. I was stunned. I experienced no pain, it was faster than any dental procedure I’ve ever had, and everyone made me feel so comfortable. I can’t recommend this place enough. I have never had such a positive dental experience and I’ve had numerous people tell me that they have also had incredibly positive experiences here. Dr Wheeler is considerate, efficient, and he listens to any questions or concerns you have. His nurse is also incredibly friendly and immediately puts you at ease. Thank for making this procedure the easiest one I’ve ever had.

- Meredith M

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  • Virginia Oral & Facial Surgery:

    Thank you for your kind words, Meredith! We are pleased to hear about your great experience with us. Hope you have a wonderful day!