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I had 3 dental implants and bone grafting done all at the same time, plus they had to pull teeth to put the implants in...I was sedated and when I woke up it was done and I didn't experience very much pain...I had a little swelling but healed very nicely. They really helped put me at ease, I am terrified of anything to do with dental work, but my doctor and the staff helped me every step of the way and made me very comfortable. I know if I need anymore work done they will be the ones for me. So if you have any fears this is your surgeon!!

- Sandy H

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Continued Conversation

  • Virginia Oral & Facial Surgery:

    Thank you for your kind words, Sandy! We are thrilled you had a great experience and that you placed your trust in us. We hope you are healing up nicely. Looking forward to seeing you again!