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Better Breathing to a Better Life by Dr. Neil Agnihotri

When is facial surgery not just cosmetic? When it helps you function better! Facial surgery can help people breathe more comfortably by improving nasal airflow via internal nasal and external nasal surgery.



Combined with improvement of the facial profile, this allows better tongue and pharyngeal posture leading to reduced snoring and improvement or elimination of sleep apnea. A deviated septum or other intranasal pathology from trauma or injury can also lead to difficulties with breathing.

These surgeries can include septoplasty, rhinoplasty, correction of chin position which all have a positive effect on form and function.

A cosmetic enhancement while improving function as well can have a multitude of positive effects for patients. Better sleep at night leads to significantly better life style improvements including day time energy, concentration, attention, as well as better posture and a lot of times better outlook on life.





Take a look at these results!



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